#142: Workman

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You know, I blame the Lion King for this. Damn movie had that song in it, and every once in a while it creeps back in and won't go away. It's like that damn "Hey, Mickey" song. No one really likes that song at all. Any time if comes on everyone just looks awkwardly at each other and tries to hide the fact that, deep down, they know all the lyrics.
Not that it's all that hard to know the lyrics to that damn song. It only has, what, three lines?
The musical notes in this comic have gone on to be featured through out DSWC and CVRPG. They show up almost as much as some of the characters.
For the refresh, I swapped out Reinhardt for Maria. Reinny being in the comic wasn't as big a deal, since Cornell (his game mate) is always here. But it gives Maria more to do int he comic (which has become an ongoing theme).

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