#125: A Little Bit Retro

This Comic's Cast:

I liked the first 8-bit plotline so much, it seemed like a second take would be fun. It's a nice change of pace from the detailed graphics of the rest of the series.
One major change for this comic (in comparison to the original) was swapping out the speech bubble colors. I really wanted to the first time around, but I kept the colors more in line with the text bubbles in Castlevania II. Now, though, I gave Simon his golden color (as is used in CVRPG).
Alucard was a bit more a trick, since he doesn't have a standard speech color (in CVRPG). He's used light blue and a dark red at different times. Here, I'm setting him as a standard grey (which will likely carry though any future appearances in CVRPG and DSWC). Grey works with all the various outfits he's used throughout the series.

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