#117: The Futility of It All

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When you think about it, Simon and Alucard are the only two heroes to really have careers in the series. Simon had three main series games, and Alucard was the star in one and at least a playable cameo in two more. And this is not counting their appearances in Judgement.

Maria, on the flip side, only had one office game (Rondo) and then a couple of cameos that were fleshed out into non-continuity playable modes. And meanwhile, John got one game and was killed before the sequel even started. Even Eric got to be in Judgment, but John gets ditched, never to be heard from again. Plainly, some characters have better agents than others.
It's worth noting a couple of major changes in this comic from the original. This comic was meant as a one-off, but then it accidentally got a plotline, so if this comic is in-continuity, there's no way the heroes can be lurking in the castle when the castle is invite only.
I also swapped out Sypha (who was in her Zombie Sypha threads, which made no sense in regards to continuity) for Maria, who shows up enough in the comic at this point to practically be a regular anyway.

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