#225: No, no! This Time with Feeling!
In the three Star Wars movies, Hayden Christensen cannot act. To be fair, he has done a couple of movies where he can act (the best being Shattered Glass). Of course, some movies he's been in have sucked (Jumper).

However, when you look at it, almost no one in the newer trilogy can act. The exception is Ewan McGregor, who does a fantastic Alec Guiness. How it is that no one else, even decent over-actors like Sam Jackson felt the need to play their roles so flat is beyond me. I blame Lucas and his awful directing skills.

Redirecting, it's hard to say if Anakin is such an awful character because of Hayden's limited acting skills or if it's because of George Lucas's direction ability... but I'd probably say the blame is shared equally.

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