#224: What a Bust!
Richter is a drunk. Not as bad as Cornell, no, but still a drunk. The fact that he's forgotten moments (entire years) from his life should be no big surprise.

The question could be "why is Richter in Castlevania if he's not going to fight Dracula?", but then, Richter tends to chill in the castle even if Dracula isn't around.

Really, his reasoning for being in the castle is rather nebulous. He sorta lives there, and yet he's also there, at times, to fight Dracula. Sometimes he's just allowed in, while other times he has to sneak in. And of course, if he actually lives there at all, then killing Dracula (as we established) destroys his home. What the heck?!

The best thing to do is just to not think too hard about it.

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