Question #1: The Big One

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Worry not, I will absolutely explain this, but suffice it to say this is absolutely, 100% true. Had you played in the old CVRPG RPG on the Castlevania Dungeon (three forums ago, give or take) and then started reading this comic two years later, then you would know this back-story and this absolutely wouldn't be a surprise. I'm pretty sure the Venn Diagram of those two groups (people that played in the RPG, which was, at it's peak, eight total players) and people that read this comic is... two. Myself and Mab. You'll be forgiven if you didn't see this coming.

2022-02-14 00:22:41 
Yeah, it's going to take me a moment to process this because I've been looking at the comic since Comic 20 and I didn't realize this. The last I saw Darkmoon's demon was waaay back when it defeated Blacula all those years ago, and I thought it was just one of those "rule of funny" things. Now that I re-read the arc, I see where Bunny disappeared before it showed up. This explains a lot. While I assumed it was just one of those things that didn't have an explanation, now this puts things in a whole different light. Wow. Even when the comic is ending, you gave the readers to re-read it.

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