#3657: Secretly Onboard

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Once again getting to use Phantasy Star maps. Those games were generally depicted worlds that were too technologically advanced for the Middle Ages, so I just never had a good spot to use them. Here, though, works nicely.

Of course, that also raises the point that we're in the future but the characters aren't back to being hand drawn. I'm going with the same rule I used from CVRPG IV when Alec transported to the future and the past. I want to keep the games, generally, in a single art style and not bounce around. Going into the past and the future and changing art styles is fine for DSWC because that comic just fucks around and who cares about rules, but for basic legibility and keeping things consistent, CVRPG sticks to a single art style for its main storylines. Just feels better that way.

2020-10-13 02:06:41 
The sound of alarms going off indicates a gameplay shift: "A little less Solid Snake, a little more Rambo".
2020-10-13 11:39:27 
So what you're saying is that it is time for a little less stealth and a lot more action?

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