#3036: Like Jelly

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I had to think about whether having Claudette dress as Mirror Katrina counted as an appearance of Mirror Katrina for the cast tracking. I felt that in this instance it did not as she's not actually here (unlike the holographic image of her from the previous strip where at least we were looking at a recording of the real character). Claudette wearing her costume isn't the same, so I left it at that.

Her "jelly" state is actually her unconscious frame I drew for Claudette. He neutral state is basically as a puddle of magical pudding. It just makes sense that if she's changing her appearance she has to reform herself, so she boils herself down to jelly first. Kinda gross, really.

2018-05-14 10:45:48 
so they've seen her Naked and aren't even gonna buy her a drink later then?

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