#3001: Closing In

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Oh my god, we've finally moved past Comic #3000. Who knew it could happen?!

All joking aside, here we go with the first real comic for Game Six, subtitled the Starship Siren. There will be even more space adventures going on, so anyone hoping we'd head back to Earth for classic adventure like at the start of the series, well... Sorry to disappoint. But hey, at least Dracula's castle is here. That's something, right?

Mmm, the ass on that ship. Let me tell you, drawing the rear view of something like that is not easy.

Darth Cariss
2018-03-26 05:32:05 
So you're planning to finish the comic with this last "game", huh? Knowing you we still have a long while yet, but it's gonna feel weird if you actually stop making these. Been reading this comic for so many years I've just gotten used to it.
2018-03-26 21:58:41 
Yeah, the full plan is one more game. 1000 or so comics. And it'll be just as weird for me to not make these any more, but the story is gonna run out one of these days. ;)

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