This is 2000, Part 50

This Comic's Storylines:

And this, right here, is the reason we had the Rift Wars arc. In every thought I had about how to get us out of this whole mess with the Sorceress, the best solution I could come up with was the pocket dimension solution, but without a good way to escape it, I didn't have a way to finish it.

But Rift Wars playing off the "land of pure potential" deal, as first put forward in CVRPG II, sealed the deal and gave me an easy solution.

I love Darkmoon in the second panel. "Well there's a sobering thought." I agree, D. I agree.

When evil spreads across the land, and darkness rises and the monsters roam. When the creatures of the night make beautiful music, and the things that go bump in the night go bump with greater enthusiasm. When the world is in peril and is in need of a hero...

These guys are, sadly, the best the world can hope for. These are the adventures of the heroes of CVRPG. They mean well, they try hard, and occasionally they do the impossible...

They actually do something heroic.