#1672: Bad Magic

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Aside from the three immortal heroes -- Darkmoon, Golem, Angel -- Katrina is the only other one with the potential to live forever, but it would require her basically becoming a lich to do that. That is some seriously bad mojo to go messing about with. Better she doesn't have a reason to do that.
2015-11-12 20:37:26 
And yet...
Chris Rivan
2016-11-13 05:39:50 
Liches are not always evil. I ran a campaign once where the lich was just a sorcerer who was busy researching and didn't notice when he died of old age. If Death doesn't clear his throat when he enters the room, you can ignore him for quite a long time. 833 years, in fact.
2016-11-15 22:48:41 
Yeah, but that's not really a standard lich as per pop-culture and traditional media. While certain possible in an RPG game, it's apocryphal in the larger context.

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