#152: The Great Debate

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Most of the way into the polls for the new Elder, and lo-and-behold, the Chicken had a commanding lead... I knew putting him in the election was a bad call. You people apaprently can't be trusted with a vote. ;)
I have issues with the layout of this comic. It gets a little hard to read about halfway down, where the panels overlap too much. I'm used to reading my fucked up comics, but I don't think everyone else can handle it. I usually try not to make them so hard to follow, but I guess I failed with this comic.
Do note the Norstein and Robo cameos here. I dunno how Robo got into the past from the future, but we'll let him be a election consultant if he wants... Speaking of, though, having Lucca in the comic can kinda throw all the times and years and so forth off. Sure, she could, possibly, have the Epoch stashed somewhere, but she never uses it. We just have to assume she's not from the time period the comic is set in (probably somewhere in the late 1600s).

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