#99: Exit Stage Left

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Some may say that I was pushing the "Alec is a girl" joke too far, overusing it. But, as you can see a bit later, it was necessary to have him get some character growth and his own plotline. He needed the motivation to try and grow a little. At least so I could move him away from the other characters and develop his style a bit more.
Alec is a hard character to write. I want him to be innocent, but not dumb. It's not an easy blend. What can he understand? What does he get confused about? What would he say or do in any given situation?
As it plays out now, I just kinda think Alec has these self-imposed "blinders" on. He knows what's really going on around him, but sometimes he just plays innocent. I guess it'd be a purity thing. Keep his mind and soul free of wontoness and such.
2015-10-13 05:34:31 
i noticed a while ago, but what's with alucard going to and fro from his "legends" appearance and his "SOTN" appearance...
Mike Finkelstein
2015-10-13 10:44:44 
A lack of proper sprites of him to use for all occasions. I think the SotN appearances before this were "non-continuity" and I used the Legends version for all in-continuity appearances. Eventually I fix this...
Chris Rivan
2018-07-22 13:23:36 
Read the “Elenium”and the “Tamuli” by David Eddings and study Sir Berit. He’s innocent, mostly by choice, girls swoon over him but he doesn’t care because he’s married to the church. He’s also a major badass who wields a short handled lochaber axe from horseback and leaves a trail of loose heads behind him.

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