#8: Are We There Yet?

This Comic's Storylines:

Here's the flipside of always talking to villagers: often times they are only programmed to say one thing (or series of things) and are unable to say anything else.
Here, this guy knows all about the ports and the high seas (even though he's a palace guard). When prompted, he'll go on at great lengths about it. Even if you could care less.
Worth mentioning: originally the guy quoted directly from "Chrono Trigger". I changed that with the redo as I tried to minimize direct lifts from other sources. Aside from which, the guy talked about "Magus's Army", which was all fine and dandy except for the fact that I never intended the heroes to meet up with Magus, so it felt like an open plot thread.
Of course, I then replaced with with a Ghost Fleet, which I also never addressed, so really, not much of an improvement there.

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