Santa Alec

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Santa Alec is the first of the off-brand Alecs (i.e., the non-Green ones) to get "Holiday" status. As the Red one, he was primed to take over the role of Santa after I killed the original Santa off. Although who's to say he was the original one. Maybe it's like in the Santa Clause where whenever Santa dies, someone else puts on his pants and takes over his duties.

Not for nothing but that series of movies is really fucked up if you think about it.

Red has his own way to doing things. Being a traditionalist, Santa Alec is very much into the religion of the holiday as well as the spirit of Christmas. As an Alec, though, he's going to go whole-hog into every December in full adventurer mode. Sword out, weapons at the ready, no one fucks with Santa when he's delivering his presents.


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