Chanukah Alec

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When I first did a comic with Alec (who wears green, like Link) using the Four Sword (Link's magical weapon that allows him to split into four, different colored versions of himself), I really hadn't expected that I'd take that specific joke and run with it. But that tends to be how these things work out when you're chugging on a day-to-day comic. Ideas come to you and you just follow them wherever they go.

Of the three off-brand Alecs I created, Chanukah holds a dear place in my heart. I'm Jewish, so I have a lot of material I've been able to use for ol' Blue here. He gets to say the things I say around the holidays, and think of the things I think. Sure, I usually have plenty of material for Santa Alec (Red), but Blue is the one I feel closest to.


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