#245: A Bardic Song Part 18

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It's actually a good price for the animal. I think (in another commentary somewhere) I did the math on how much Darkmoon was paying for some stuff. A standard meal at an inn can cost anywhere between a few coppers (10 coppers to a silver, 10 silvers to a gold) and a full gold piece (although a full gold piece would only be for really nice meals).

I can't remember the exact math I used then (it was a long time ago) but if we figure a silver for a cheapy meal (something the equivalent of a fast-food meal now), then a silver is on the other of $5 currently. That means 15 quid (quid being a term for a buck, but in the CVRPG universe, synonymous with a gold piece) comes out to 150 silvers, or 750 bucks.

That's gonna put a dent in the old man's pocketbook, is all I'm saying.

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