#150: Wonder Class Powers Activate

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Darkmoon's style hasn't changed this whole time (from Out of the Darkness all the way through the main series). I can't exactly change it now.

The Black Wizard is a custom creation. The reason/issue comes from not upgrading Darkmoon. Darkmoon is to scale for the "younger" (un-upgraded) heroes, but when they get their job upgrades, they end up looking more adult. Black Belt is easy to fix, since Final Fantasy III has "younger" looking Black Belt sprites. Black Mage, however, while being able to upgrade would never be able to ditch his hat.

For someone that played the original first game in the series, that change over to a version without hat or hood was so interesting. You got to see his face! I had to have that, but in the right scale.

So I made it. He looks awesome, and to scale. Go me.

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