#69: The Geezer's Tale Part 13

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Ignoring Darkmoon's motivations for know all the varied weaknesses of vampires (and just why he knows the belt story is something we won't touch upon here -- but may one day become a fan fiction... which just deeply frightens me), he's not wrong. The Belmonts take out vampires with all kinds of weapons, like axes and daggers and whips and stuff. Only the whips and the holy water are technically holy items. Most of the stuff is just random crap they had sitting around the house.

"It think I'll go fight vampires today with a collection of commemorative dishes and wok."

When evil spreads across the land, and darkness rises and the monsters roam. When the creatures of the night make beautiful music, and the things that go bump in the night go bump with greater enthusiasm. When the world is in peril and is in need of a hero...

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