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I've really had to think about this one, because no two vampire mythologies are clear on the matter. Some state that vampires are dead, others think vampires are just special humans. In some, vampires can procreate (making the human-converted vampires "lesser" in comparison), while other mythologies don't concern themselves at all with it.

In my eyes, vampires are dead. If it wasn't for the Castlevania series having Alucard, I wouldn't even bother saying "no... but maybe". The damn game series screwed me over.
2014-01-16 01:46:12 
Well to be fair the Dhampir (of which Alucard is supposed to be in the Castlevania series) do have a place in mythology beyond current pop-culture. Castlevania, Blade, Vampire Hunter D... none were the first. Though I know wikipedia can't ever be trusted to be 100% accurate on its own, it does mention them being from Balkan folklore.
Mike Finkelstein
2014-01-17 01:11:07 
That's what i saw, too. I just have to try and align Castlevania continuity with outside pop culture and actual folklore. Not an easy task. Honestly, were it not for Castlevania having Alucard, I doubt I would have bothered to think about this topic at all.

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