Angel Explains: The Many Places We Have Traveled

This entry is a little different from the ones I've done before. It has occurred to me that a guide to the places my fellow adventurers and I have traveled to could be in order. What I have enclosed is a map of where we've been, as well as some points of interest.

To note: I am not a map maker by trade, dealing more with the inner workings of human souls than cartography. I've played a little fast and loose with the geography of Europe, due more to my own inability to be 100% accurate than any desire to do so.

Also, I've pieced these locations together as much from my own experiences as from the stories the other adventurers have told me. Not everything may be completely accurate, simply because I wasn't there to experience it all first hand, and going back to re-live it could lead to some serious paradox-enducing issues.

Of course, not all the locations we've traveled to are on the map. As the story of our adventures is told, I'll make sure to update this with relevant info.

The Map of Many Travels

A Map of Princess's Homeland

Locations of Note:

This is Princess's homeland. The dominant feature is, of course, the castle. I personally haven't seen much of the interior, but Princess has said it's quite nice.

There is, of course, the nearby village for the castle. I think It may have the ever famous Lusty Siren Tavern within it's walls... although, to be honest, every time I end up at the Lusty Siren, I get so blitzed, I never can remember exactly where I am, so I can't be certain it is actually anywhere at all.

Like one of those multi-dimensional, traveling buildings. It's always where you least expect it, never in the same place twice, and if you leave your coat in there, you can expect it to be long gone by the time you stumble back for it.

To the south we have the Dragon Cave that Princess was held in for a while. Darkmoon and Alec swear up and down there was a desert outside the cave, but we're talking northern Europe. No deserts there. They must be wrong...

The Lands of Dracula

Here's the lands surrounding Dracula's castle. In the mountains you will see the castle itself, all ominous and forbidding... although, it looks vaguely chipper on the map. I really should try and make it look more dank next time I commit it to parchment...

To the side of the Carpathian mountains (east of the Borgo Pass), is the village we spend so much time in. Jova I think... although Darkmoon swears it's Veros... All those Romanian towns look the same. Would it kill them to put up a sign post?

As you will note, to the east, just off the side of that forest (which we've all managed to get lost in at one point or another) is Dracula's summer home.

These last locations haven't factored too heavily in our travels. The northern-centerish town is Katrina's village. It's still in one piece in their home dimension, although a version of Katrina burned it effectively to the ground in an alternate reality.

Alec's village is off to the east from there. One day I need to get him to relay all the details of his early life, so I can commit it to a map for posterity...

And, to the west we have a single, crumbling tower. These are the surviving ruins of the Castle in the Sky that the crew fought an evil sorceress in. Eventually I'll make them tell me where the other castles were... But I'm still trying to get a straight answer as to where they actually are. These people just have NO sense of direction.

Pop Quiz

  1. How often does Dracula visit his summer home? How likely are you to get invited there when he's visiting? How likely are you to survive the invitation?
  2. Using only Fire 2, how quickly can you burn Katrina's village to the ground? This is a practical question, so we'll want a demonstration.
  3. Alec's village is (a) small, (b) dirty, (c) boring, or (d) all of the above?
  4. In the forests near Dracula's summer home, attempt to navigate these pathways blindfolded. Were you able to do this faster than Darkmoon can normally? If not, you automatically fail this test. No one can be THAT bad at navigation.
  5. Find eight factual errors with this map. Keep them to yourself.