#638: One Special Bird

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Link and Bucky are, normally, inseparable, which is part of what I really like about this chapter of DSWC. It's been so long since we (the CVRPG writer and readers) have seen Link truly on his own, sans-Bucky, that being able to have an adventure with him for a goodly length of time seems refreshing.

Besides, let's face it, like with Darkmoon and Bunny, Bucky was the powerhouse of the Hyrulian duo. Link needs time to shine again.
2015-05-21 02:00:52 
To be honest, Link always struck me as one of the better heroes in the series, skill-wise. He's well-prepared, versatile, and highly adaptive to boss weaknesses (True to the source material), despite being slightly greedy, and addicted to dungeon loot. (Also true to the players of the source material) The only reason Bucky seems like the powerhouse (IMO), is because as a chicken, he's near invincible.
2015-05-21 04:33:07 
Yeah, Bucky's near invincible and hits like a truck. Link's got the skills, resources, and experience to handle a LOT of situations though. I think if you were to ascribe a character class to him, he'd be a Rogue through and through.
2015-05-27 21:52:27 
Hmmmmm.......what with the instrument playing I say more of a blend of Bard and Rogue. A bit less on the magic, and not so much on the singing, but still keeping the 'ability for any situation' aspect of the Bard.

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