#609: Evolve

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I did check this before I wrote it. Pokemon X/Y used Mega Stones to do their evolution for the big bad pokemon (well, and for other ones as well). I don't know if later games did this (or have done this, or will do this) -- I'm still haven't played one of these games.
2015-03-14 00:45:44 
They have Mega Evolutions in the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, and that's the only game (set?) that's come out since Megas became a thing. Is Blacula gonna make some kinda pokemon vampire thing? ... I don't think there's actually been a vampire pokemon yet. Which is a little curious, really.
2015-03-14 15:31:46 
There were zombie Pokemon in one of the manga, so undead Pokemon (besides the obvious Ghost types) could be a thing. Of course, several Pokemon already are bloodsuckers, like the beloved Zubat family, or Kabutops, so that could lead to an amusing role reversal.

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