#595: First Strike, Again

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I went with Flame Mammoth as a loose reference to Mega Man Battle Network, another series in the vein of Pokemon, Digimon, and all that. Sure, the reploids don't appear in that series (that I know of), but that's why it's a a loose reference. A nod, really.

Taking what the readers have said about Pokemon, I let the Flamemamon attack first -- speeds and levels vary between monsters, so this made sense. Plus it left Blacula bitch again, which is always funny.
2015-02-10 01:42:31 
Mega Man Battle Network is an alternate universe where instead of robotics being the field pioneered by Dr. Light, the Internet was what was jumpstarted. Some Mega Man X characters do have namesakes/alternate version that not only appear but are heavily involved in the plot. However, Flame Mammoth is definitely not one of them. I haven't played Pokemon, but while MMBN is very loosely in the same genre, the battle gameplay is very different in that it's real-time in MMBN and not turn-based. Battles in MMBN take place on a 6 x 3 grid were the player's character and the enemies each have half of the grid. In MMBN, levels have nothing to do with how fast one moves or attacks. I do agree the names are silly.
Delta Pangaea
2015-02-10 04:17:50 
Bah. I love Battle Network, but I've got nothing to say about it. Well, it's fun as all hell in any case. Plus, I think it's the only Megaman series to have an actual definitive 'The End'
Mike Finkelstein
2015-02-10 16:24:02 
Well, I did say "loosely".

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