#587: Great Job!

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Now I'm going to have to look into when Pokemon evolve and what conditions are required. Knowing how this series is going, I've already leveled the bunnymon too high to do it right... Ah well.
2015-01-22 00:50:51 
Honestly, you can make up whatever evolution conditions you want.Most poekmon evolve when they reach a certain level(it varies from species to species), while some need a certain item to evolve, and there are tohers still that you have to trade with another player to evolve. There are also pokemon that will only evolve in certain environments,at certain times of day, or when you've formed a close enough friendship with them. So really, take your pick.
Delta Pangaea
2015-01-22 00:59:30 
True that. Basically, man, stress less. Pokemon have got enough variety and weirdness that you can pretty much get away with whatever you want. Hell, they have Digimon-esque temporary evolutions now. Nothing surprises me anymore.
2015-01-22 02:59:34 
Evolution in the first game was simple. Hit the right level for that mon, use an item on it or in a few rare cases, trade it. Now most are still level based but we have a few weird ones like Inkay where it only evolves if the 3ds's gyro sensors detect the system is upside down
2015-05-26 05:57:24 
As far as the level goes.....there was at least one evolutionary line in the original games that didn't undergo the initial evolution until past level 30. They were the original Dragon types, but barring moves that are only learned by the evolved form it can arguably be advantageous to delay evolution (as the 'younger' forms learn new moves at lower levels, but have lower stats).

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