#544: A Cure is Needed

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Unlike when I completely forgot to keep Carmilla out of the sun (and then just ignored it), I'm gonna own up, right now, that Blacula needs some kind of sunlight cure to be useful out in the day.

Who else besides Link (the ever neutral, always in it for a buck, merchant of fortune) would sell it to him?
Delta Pangaea
2014-10-14 02:50:56 
Is this new Link sprites? Cuz I like 'em.
Mike Finkelstein
2014-10-21 00:21:55 
Indeed they are. Link got his new outfit near the end of Villans (Part 1), so he uses it here in this story (where-as he's still in the red outfit in CVRPG since that comic is 50 years, give or take, in the past).

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