#500: Dracula's Last Word

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This was the first comic I had in mind when I started Villains. The second I realized I was going to do a parallel series, I knew I wanted to end the series the same exact way I ended DSWC -- the shot of Dracula clawing out of his grave from Castlevania II.

I had to recolor it, using the colors from a different ending than you can actually get to see Dracula, but it works, and it's a nice finish to the run.

And now... let's get into the Mini Arcs.
2016-08-16 14:35:49 
As a vampire, aside from carrying signs I can put on buildings welcoming anyone to come in. I would also learn spells to stop running water and spells to go UNDER running watter. Possibly a niche spell to Transmute Garlic into Pepper.

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