#403: Suck

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So that whole thing about not having ideas for any filler strips? Yeah, I managed to get over that pretty quick apparently.

I was just in the mood to do something with the Zelda series, which is difficult at this point since I already have a Link in the series. I have to make sure any time I use a different Link to draw attention to that fact that he's different, which i can usually do just by using different art and not in any way, shape, or form ever referencing Bucky. I couldn't, for instance, use a different color of the main CVRPG Link (such as Green), and get away with the same thing.

I did like the idea of having the metroid suck out Link's essence and then become and adventurer itself, sort of like it stole his soul. Feel bad for Link, but it works for the comic.

I may have to use that metroid again later.

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