#361: Class Expectations

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Of course, I do like fucking around with expectations. 8-Bit so clearly defined the Fighter as the guy just out there for the "swords" (how many times did he say I like swords? Enough that if it were a drinking game, you'd be dead right now), so I do have to make some small reference to that. I mean, ever after 8-Bit fades from the collective consciousness, I Like Swords will live on.

But I like the fact that Eric is a little ashamed of it. Also, that he can use big words like sterotypes or... really, any word with more than four letters that isn't sword.

Claude, our Black Mage, is also another inversion of the 8-bit trope. Here he's actually a halfway decent guy who seems to really have the world's best interests at heart. Interesting.

I may have to play with these two more.

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