#310: An Evening Out

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Dracula's back, so his castle would be too. Simple cause-and-effect there. As goes the vampire so goes his abode.

The comic is now entering an interesting phase. With the continuity reboot having gone into effect, there won't be the same kind of paralleling as there was before -- I don't have to explain events as they happened in the new continuity as we're now just officially in one continuity now.

Not that there won't be the occasional parallel event, but when that happens, it will be because we're just seeing the same exact event from different characters' eyes.

The other thing to note, and why I bring all this up here, is that with the continuity all smoothed out now, we'll be seeing a greater dependence on other characters not featured in the main series. Since some of the villains and heroes are tied up in the main plotlines of the original series, other characters, such as Hanz, will grow to have a more prominent role in this series.

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