#136: Red Level

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In the original game, the "Red Level" was the chapel. It was all red brick, making it distinct from the other levels if the game... but it was also supposed to be a chapel, and yet the red didn't really speak to that.

Sure, my opinion, but I get to write the commentaries. Anyway, that's why the comic is called Red Level.

I really don't understand why Dracula has a chapel, though. He has one in just about every damn game. Even his minions, like Carmilla, have one when they build their own castles. Makes no sense.
Maximum Carnage
2021-06-24 06:54:32 
I always figured it was either in some fashion defiled, perhaps in the taking of whatever structure he used as foundation, a chapel in worship to something suitably foul that otherwise keeps the aesthetic pretense of appearing ‘holy’ (and the ‘false chapel’ isn’t an unheard of tactic for luring in prey in some monster/cult/demon stories), or else a largely ineffectual chapel deliberately constructed as a deliberate mockery of the religion he so reviles that took his beloved from him. Possibly some combination of the above. It’s entirely possible that it exists so creatures that side with him but have holy origins - fallen angels, revenant paladins, heretic priests, victims thereof, ect - have a suitable abode for themselves. Still under his command, but perhaps not TOO close to places he frequents. Just because they’re allied monsters doesn’t mean the wavelength of holy auras won’t make your teeth buzz. I mean, the guy even had a holy variant of the Armor enemies. And earnestly if you ever heard the original way things like seraphim and angels were described, the bloody things were closer to unknowable Euclidean horrors than the handsome blonde men the church later decided was more publicly attractive. Heck, don’t even get free will, just ‘do what god sez exactly how he sez or be damned’. No wonder Lucifer got a swift Kickstarter.

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