DSWC Villains Introduction #10: Unintended Chaos

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The Final Fantasy series is just a confusing mess. While thematically they're all a little bit similar -- heroes come to stop some super-evil, all powerful, villain-macguffin -- often times the plots make very little sense, especially if you try to look at them from the villain's perspective.

In the first game, for instance, what was the end goal of Chaos? When his elemental minions snuffed out the world's four elemental crystals, plunging the world into ruin, how did that help him? Was he trying to destroy the world? Was he trying to take it over? Was he relying on a poor economy due to depressed manufacturing and exports to prime the situation for him to make his move?

What about Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7? Did he just want to destroy the world? If so, why did he keep dancing around with the heroes instead of just killing them when he had the chance? Hell, he killed one of them, tearing through her like tissue paper -- is it so hard to finish the job then?

Oh yeah, spoilers...

Anyway, the villains in the Final Fantasy series are impressive looking, and sometimes quite interesting, but they certainly weren't what we'd call careful planners.
2015-02-15 09:01:52 
Chaos is trying to destroy the world just to kill the heroes who killed him while he was still human (you mentioned the order of things backwards somewhere else). It's basically vengeance gone haywire. Sephiroth didn't out-right kill the heroes because he just likes fucking with peoples heads. Well, that and the fact that most of the time you encounter him it's a Jenova Birth temporarily taking Sephiroth's form. Sadly, his reasoning for what he had been doing didn't get fully explained until Advent Children.

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