#19: On the Road Again

This Comic's Cast:

I made Shredder's font the dark, almost black, red because I already had Raph and Darkmoon in the comic, and Darkmoon is always bright red. I had two other reds pre-made and really, once you have bright, dark, and very dark, where do you go from there?
That left me with either dark red or very dark red for Shredder. Raph seemed to work better on the mid-tone, so that left only one choice for Shredder.
Okay, well that's not completely true as I could have gone with pink or purple for him as well (since the colors are on his sprite). Neither of them felt as "Shredder" as the dark dark red.
I guess I could have gone with a grey... damn it! I totally could have. Oh well, too late now.

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