The Industrial World is Watching
If you hadn't already figured it out, this is a riff on Watchmen. Seems fitting, actually. This series of comics started as a parody of The Fly, so using it to riff on other Sci Fi-ish media seems right.
As for the Watchmen, the movie wasn't terrible, and I didn't dislike it any more than I disliked the comics. I never really enjoyed the comics (I know, which puts me in the minority), and so it's not as if I had much to be idsappointed by when the movie came out. It was a commendable effort to take a story not designed for the big screen and do it, as close to the source material as possible, on the big screen.
Inherently it was destined to be flawed. It wasn't unwatchable and there were some good performances. I can't say I had fun watching it as, for the most part, it's not a comic designed to illicit "fun".

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