#2: Self Discovery

This Comic's Cast:

The first of the graphical adventures (such as the original King's Quest) had a very limited vocabulary. The computer, using a text parser, could only understand so much, and would get confused quite easily.

As time went on, and the game engines got better, the vocabulary increased significantly. A side effect of this was that computer could handle a lot of the more... interesting text inputs from the players. And, sometimes, the narrator got quite sarcastic.

Sarcasm is my style.

When evil spreads across the land, and darkness rises and the monsters roam. When the creatures of the night make beautiful music, and the things that go bump in the night go bump with greater enthusiasm. When the world is in peril and is in need of a hero...

These guys are, sadly, the best the world can hope for. These are the adventures of the heroes of CVRPG. They mean well, they try hard, and occasionally they do the impossible...

They actually do something heroic.