#12: Alec the Brave?

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Backgrounds here from Secret of Evermore, a decent but not great game. It was fun in its own way, but it was no Secret of Mana, and it certainly could not compare to Chrono Trigger, the SqEnix game that had come out a couple of months before. Chrono Trigger fans, like myself, that banked that the SqEnix follow up to Chrono Trigger would be as good were sorely disappointed.
Even on its own, though, with no comparisons to anything else in the SqEnix library, it wasn't that great a game. It was fun, but short, with only a few innovative ideas (most of which were done better in Secret of Mana). And the alchemy system, with it's need for ingredients (spell bits you had to replenish to cast spells), was annoying and overly complicated.
Regardless, and back on topic, the pirates have lived! Apparently the dingy was sea worthy... and possibly the only boat to make it out of the wreckage of the Kraken attack.

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