#14: Explosive

This Comic's Cast:

In case you are wondering (and this may the first time I've ever talked about this before), the logo for the comic series is actually on the comic. I (almost) always have all characters, enemies, and spells appear in front of the logo (which itself appears in front of the background). Since the Stone Turtle (its official name, apparently) is so big, just blocks the logo out completely. I could have put it behind... but it just looked odd.

Alec Red is using a wall-kick I actually designed for Hanz (Richter's brother in DSWC). Hanz had it first, but he hasn't actually used it yet in the series. Alec Red gets to bust that out.

Alec Blue is such a dick.
2016-06-16 08:59:14 
Well a sticky mine is more fitting for mistletoe than a missile is in my opinion considering that mistletoe berries are very sticky

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