Frankie and Mummy: Monstrous Detectives

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It just felt like Frankie and Mummy needed their own game, and if I was gonna give them one, it had to be Monstrous Detectives (the name of their spin-off you can find in the Bonus Archives). I don't do as much with these two as I used to, but they'll always hold a place in my heart.

I imagine this game being a really terrible platformer, like the old Ren and Stimpy games. Truly awful controls, shitty jokes, and hours of "fun".

2017-08-09 10:50:17 
I have that Gameboy Ren and Stimpy game, I believe. When I was a kid and never beat it, I thought it was due to me sucking at games. I didn't understand at the time the game had bad controls and was poorly designed.

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