#753: Rebooting

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As some of you may recall, way back when DSWC rebooted itself... Okay, DSWC has rebooted itself many, many times. This was the first time, though, back when we did a riff on the Matrix. That was, like, 15 years ago at this point (which makes me feel really old). Anyway, it was around the time that Igarashi (the series producer at the time) removed Sonia from continuity, and if Sonia was removed, in theory everyone that came after her (like Richter) would vanish as well. Richter went "poof" and then ended up in a world of crisp white whiteness. That was white.

Well, since Trevor was effectively removed from the timeline (not unlike how Sonia was) it only stands to reason Richter (and Hanz, and Maria, all related to the Belmont clan) would disappear as well. And if they all vanish due to a reboot, they should all end up here in the crisp white whiteness. That is white.

Gah, that was over 725 comics ago. Damn, that's quite a call-back.

2016-08-19 16:01:48 
This whiteness reminds me of the Drawing Board. Specifically from that one episode of Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck. I half expect a 'hand of god' to appear and start adjusting the characters.

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