#741: Tender Moment

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I don't rightly know if Cornell is joking or not here. I mean, he could just be joking, since fucking with Hanz is so much fun...

And yet, he could be serious. Ewww.
2016-01-22 02:20:44 
Well, let's be honest. She was, for one thing, a Queen. For two, she had children, so probably counts as a milf. Plus, Cornell is himself a werewolf (Apparently. Has he ever actually transformed in any of these comics?) so he's probably less off-put by appearances anyway.
2016-01-22 09:13:24 
Being a werewolf doesn't mean being attracted to anything. Being Cornell, on the other hand... who knows? And no, he has not transformed because that would imply actually doing something.
2016-01-22 09:14:10 
I think it's funnier as a joke, though.

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