#675: Effective Management

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Remember, Shredder is not a fan of turtles because of -the- turtles, his arch-nemeses. I dunno if anyone has ever established if koopas are truly turtles but they're close enough for his books, anyway.

Oh, Tokka. You were so lame in your movie, I feel bad for you. Although, when they released figures of you they got rid of Slash from the toy line, and I really liked Slash. So, you know what? Fuck you, Tokka. Slash rules.
Nobody in Mind
2015-08-14 07:32:51 
I didn't like Tokka in the movie, and Slash was so-so in the 1987 cartoon. While I don't like the design of Slash in the newest series and I don't like his origin (it got rid of Raph's literal morality pet), I do like his character trajectory.

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