#655: Secret Area, You Say?

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Okay, so this is really a Castlevania in-joke. Keys only show up in a select number of games, and in the later ones they're mostly used to unlock alternate paths. In and of themselves, in that function, they are very useful.

However, when you are carrying a key you can't use any other special item. This was used to obnoxious effect in Dracula X for the SNES where you had to carry one key for four damn levels just to unlock all the secrets you needed to and get the best ending (and, most galling, you didn't get Maria to play with for all that effort).

Plus, if you try to item crash a key, Richter just gets really confused and stands there. Keys serve no useful purpose if you aren't interested in secret areas. So, as Hanz says, they are entirely useless.

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