#652: Carrot Power

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Mario can get Bunny Ears from a power Carrot. That power up is in Super Mario Land 2, and it allows him to glide (because that's the kind of sense Mario games make). It seemed just ridiculous enough that giving it to Hanz made sense.

Making him pink when he has Bunny Powers is my way of fucking with him just a little more. Bunny is pink (well, his sprites are, anyway, even if he's actually white), so Bunny Powers should be pink, right?
2015-06-22 01:39:55 
Playboy Bunnies are also often in pink. Is Hanz one of THOSE bunnies now?
2015-06-22 06:18:10 
Heh, DeltaPangaea, that was my first thought too... My thought was, "Hanz really isn't Hugh Hefner's type... Is he...?" I mean with Hugh's track record, maybe by now he'd just shrug and go, "Eh, might as well give it a go." X1

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