#646: Quick Turnaround

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This is one of those comics where having a backlog and being able to take time away from my comics to relax is beneficial. Although we're only just seeing the start of the plotline I've devised, I will comment that the plotline I had in ind (Hanz and Shredder teaming up to escape Super Mario World) is going in a completely new direction.

Why? Because I took two months off (while I worked on art for other projects) and just let DSWC run in the background. I had enough backlog so I saw no harm. And once I came back I had all kinds of ideas on what to do. It's going to get pretty weird, and that's how I like it.

Plus, the plotline I was working on just wasn't gelling for me. This way I can scrap it and use the bones I setup to make something better. Backlogs are really nice.
2015-06-08 01:08:38 
...Is this the first time someone's turned down being paid? Hanz, you're scaring me.
2015-06-08 08:58:43 
Well, we knew that Hanz wasn't like his brother. I guess now we're getting a chance to see one of the fundamental differences.

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