#601: Location, Location

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So I'll let ya in on a bit of a secret. While, officially, none of us know what any of the towns are called (the heroes regularly bounce between Veros, Jova, and Ondol, all of which could be the same place, far as I know), unofficially I know what the towns are called.

The primary CVRPG town is Veros. The primary DSWC town is Jova. I know this because I have maps for them setup, and to save them on my computer I had to name them. So that's what I named them.

But that's unofficially. It's weird to think that something I did for the comic is unofficial, but it has to be that way for the joke to work.
Delta Pangaea
2015-02-23 01:05:47 
Man. The three town names I always remembered were Veros, Jova, and Aljiba...

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