#598: Burning Sensation

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Aliens don't like fire. Usually, in the movies, it's a good way to kill them. Not that there are many good ways to kill the xenomorphs. They're powerful, dangerous creatures with so many defenses and attacks that it's near impossible to get rid of them.
2015-02-16 00:46:45 
Whoa. Hans is having a badass moment. How long before this one is undermined? Over and under is 2 comics.
Delta Pangaea
2015-02-16 01:11:06 
It doesn't do to forget that these people can actually be competent. Richter's capable, Cornell's capable... if I recall, didn't Hanz beat Dracula once?
Boy Lag
2015-02-16 15:59:36 
Aliens seem to have fear of fire. One of their only weakness. Playing Alien Isolation I could have never beaten it with my flamethrower. My beautiful beautiful flamethrower.

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