#500: How to End a Webcomic

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When I decided, around comic 100 or so, to end the comic with Richter becoming a hero, I knew I wanted to do two things:
One, I wanted to end on Comic 500. It's a good, round number and makes the comic feel like it stayed around just long enough to accomplish something (even if that something was a sad level of depravity and sexual frustration).
Two, I knew I wanted to use this image, right here, from Castlevania II for the last comic. I even knew what I wanted it to say, right down to the punchline and the title. I mean, when your first comic is titled "how to create a web comic", there's no better way to title the last comic, is there?
Yeah, this is exactly the comic I envisioned.
Anyway, that's it for the main arc. Bonus comics, as purchased by the fans, follow, and I will comment them as well, but it's been nice taking this journey with you guys one more time.
From the creator to all of you, thanks for reading.

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