#198: Mega Man Zero X EXE
Point Break is an awesome movie. It's also a truly terrible piece of cinematic filth. That's what makes it so awesome.
As for Mega Man, all you fans know it's true. Mega Man was original for three games, then it started feeling tired. So then they came out with Mega Man X, and that felt original for a couple of games... and then started to feel tired. So then they came out with Mega Man Zero, which wa cool for a couple of games... and then Mega Man Battle Network, and then Mega Man ZX, and then Mega Man Starforce.
Yeah, there's just no helping the fact, at this point, that Capcom will run any franchise into the ground. At least with the Street Fighter series they're up front with you about it. "This is Super Street Fighter II Ultra Turbo Tournament Edition, now with one extra character and a faster speed setting. Yeah, we know we're jewing you over this, but it says right there on the box 'Stree Fighter II', so it's not like you didn't see it coming."
2015-02-01 15:52:08 
You missed a Mega Man offshoot, Mega Man Legends (which only got three games, and one of them didn't actually have Mega Man in the title or as a character, it was just in the setting to provide back-story for other characters). Also, Capcom never made a decent attempt to run Breath of Fire into the ground. They gave up after taking it to the PS2 (although it was a somewhat lack luster title, but many franchises didn't survive the PS2, even ones that still got good games).

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