#139: I Hate Cellphones

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As it so happened, I was trying to cancel my cellphone. I'd had it for over two years, the contract was up, and I just wanted to get rid of the damn thing and its monthly costs.
So, I called the phone company, only to be told that I couldn't cancel it because I'd added a second phone to the plan (sharing the same minutes, and no other changes), and they were telling me that because I'd made a change to the plan (the second phone), the contract had been renewed from that point and couldn't be cancelled without a fee.
Yeah, and there was much arguing, round and round. They argued I agreed to the contract renewal, I argued I hadn't. So there was much arguing.
In the end, I won. I hadn't signed anything, so they couldn't enforce it. And I got rid of the phone.
I prefer the layout of this version to the classic comic. It's tighter and yet gives the text more room to breathe. Much better.

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