#123: Hammer Time
First there was Shaft. Try to find one person who hasn't made the connection with Shaft, the Blaxploitation bad-ass.
Then there was Hammer. That's another black character who is burdened with an amusing name for American audiences.
Personally, I'm hoping the next Castlevania hero is Foxy Brown Belmont. I would play any game she was in.
For the comic revamp, I ended up swapping out the background (only because I couldn't find the background I originally used, despite having all my sprite maps backed up). I went with an Aria map here, which was continuity appropriate for the characters.
In tightening up continuity, I also swapped out Nathan Graves for Genya and Yoko, since it made more sense for the comic. I also used a different Hammer sprite (since I now have a complete rip of his), and used an official Soma sprite (the original comic used a fan-hack -- this version puts everything more in line with Aria of Sorrow).

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